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About Us

About Us

We are a small team of contractors that decided to get together and provide senior citizens with a reliable source for making improvements to their homes for a reasonable price. There are so many services out there that it is easy to get disenchanted with what is and what is not worthy of reading. We understand that time goes very quickly, and there is no reason to search for hours when trying to decide on a home solution. We have been able to help hundreds of older couples, widows, and widowers with a one-stop shop for all improvement needs. Home maintenance is something that is always needed but seldom desired, so we have taken it upon ourselves to provide the best resources for everyone to use.

Our initial story began several years back when a collegue was complaining about the lack of senior-specific websites for home management services. We have a long list of people that we could contact, although it was difficult to relay this information to each and every individual, and that is why we chose to create this website. Inside you will find a number of interesting articles published by our team, which will outline the best services in your area. Should you have any questions on how to use the site or if you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us with your inquiry. We hope this information can be of service and we ensure that the articles are designed with you in mind!